The Makua Group (TMG), a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO), was established in 2008 with its main offices in Oahu, Hawaii.  A primary mission of TMG is to fulfill its Hawaii community service responsibilities, as required by its membership in the NHO program.  TMG is actively accomplishing this in several ways.  Through its subsidiaries TMG maintains a fulltime workforce in the state of Hawaii, predominately consisting of Native Hawaiians.   In addition to gainful employment for Native Hawaii citizens, these high-skilled jobs typically require training, which is provided by TMG, thus giving employees an opportunity for education and training that they might not otherwise have.  Additionally, TMG provides financial aid to disadvantaged Native Hawaiian people by using the assistance of an established support agency already in place in the state of Hawaii.  TMG also makes cash contributions to nonprofit organizations.  These organizations provide assistance to: elementary and secondary education, the health and wellbeing of Hawaiian citizens, organizations charged with emergency responsiveness to natural and or man made disasters, as well as supporting a wide variety of social services to include; providing resources for recreational activities for underprivileged children and low income families.  The founders of The Makua Group are Native Hawaiians.

TMGE, LLC is a Native Hawaiian Owned, Small Disadvantaged Business; SBA Certified 8(a), for-profit subsidiary owned and operated by The Makua Group (TMG).  This company has conducted business in Hawaii and parts of the continental U.S. since 2008.


TMGE's mission is to provide services to our Government and Commercial customers by accurately interpreting their expectations and facilitating the transition from vision to strategy, strategy to execution, and execution to results, while striving to provide our employees an atmosphere that allows them to leave work each day having a distinct feeling of self-satisfaction.

In an effort to sustain longevity while marketing to the Federal Government it is imperative that TMGE maintains competitive bid rates.  By design, the company's management is devoted to maintaining a flat organizational structure.

TMGE currently provides services to the Federal Government and Commercial Business Sectors in four primary market segments, IT Services, Multimedia, Manufacturing and Fabrication, and Construction Renovation and Painting.  Pertaining to Multimedia Services the company currently specializes in: Audio Video and Video Teleconferencing technologies.   Related to IT Services TMGE provides Software Development and Engineering Support and Installation and Maintenance of Mass Notification Systems.   Applicable to Manufacturing and Fabrication TMGE provides both mobile and in-shop welding and milling services.  With regard to Construction Renovation and Painting, TMGE provides a wide variety of superior commercial construction services including design, tenant build-out, institutional build-out and renovation.  Skill sets include, but are not limited to: carpentry; all phases of build-out; all aspects of roofing; siding; flooring; electrical; plumbing; painting; air-conditioning and heating.